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How long does it take for bethanechol to work? Effects on the GI and urinary tracts sometimes appear within 30 minutes after oral administration of bethanechol chloride, but more often 60 to 90 minutes are required to reach maximum effectiveness.
Why is donepezil taken at night? Aricept is taken at night because it can cause irregular or slow heartbeat for some patients, which can cause fainting. When it is taken at bedtime, patients are able to sleep through those side effects.
What is bethanechol chloride used for? Bethanechol is used to treat urinary retention (difficulty urinating), which may occur after surgery, after delivering a baby, and in other situations. Bethanechol may also be used for purposes other than those listed in this medication guide.
Why do I have to strain to urinate? The need to strain or push in order to urinate can be due to problems with the contractile force of the bladder or problems with obstruction of the bladder outlet and urethra. Failure to empty the bladder due to urethral problems is unusual in women.
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